Shelter Sheds Details

We do all of the construction of the sheds at your location.

Shelter Sheds are engineered to withstand the weather conditions along the Front Range. The sheds are ONLY built in four sizes.  Those sizes are (12 x 12), (12 x 24), (12 x 36) & (12 x 48). Shelter Sheds are designed to accommodate horses and other livestock but they are also used for hay, tack and equipment storage. The standard height of the roof is 8 feet at the peak (the overhang drops down about a foot from the peak) with a sloping roof down to a 7 feet back wall. The sheds are made from 2” square steel tubing welded together to create the frame. The frame is covered with 29 gauge corrugated metal siding. All sheds come with 7/16 OSB wood that is 4 feet high around the inside of the shed for no additional charge. The portable sheds are strongly anchored to the ground with engineered stakes. The metal siding colors to choose from are listed on the Color Chart page. The seven options we offer to customize sheds are listed below.

The seven customizing options available are:

  • A two feet overhang off the front for extra protection & style. This is the most common option added. People like the eye appeal that the overhang adds to the shed.
  • Dividing walls (full height or half height walls) can be added to divide the shed to create individual stalls or to divide the shed to create separate hay/equipment storage.  
  • A partial enclosing front wall can be added which will add protection from weather in all directions. The front wall comes with 7/16 OSB wood that is 4 feet high on the interior wall like the rest of the shed. 
  • The sides and back wall can NOT be removed or altered (besides the height) only the front wall layout can be customized. The prices reflect up to a 12 feet wall but front walls can be any length. We do not make any kind of doors or install them besides the 3 feet man door found on the tack rooms. However, we can weld a gate on a four feet opening in a front wall. With a full dividing wall added this would create a stall or hay room for livestock.
  • The roof height can be raised 1 foot to 9 feet at the peak sloping back to an 8 feet back wall. (the overhang drops down about a foot from the peak) This option is used for tall horses or hay and tractor storage. It is recommended to measure tractor height and verify clearance.
  • Upgrade the OSB wood to thicker/stronger 23/32 OSB or 3/4 plywood.
  • Add steel trim (covers the top and front edges of the OSB wood). This protects the edges from livestock chewing on them and also offers protection from the weather. We highly recommend this option for sheds sheltering horses, as most horses will chew and eventually destroy the wood. 
  • Add in a tack room of 8 or 12 feet wide by 12 feet deep. The tack room is build inside of the shed size chosen. They do not add length to the shed.  The 8 feet tack room is only available on the 12 x 24 shed. 

The sheds will initially be built on your property, however they are portable and can be relocated after they are built. The sheds can later be loaded on a trailer and hauled to another location. We don’t relocate sheds but there are companies that do offer that service.  

We Do Not do any kind of repairs, add ons, re-sheeting, demolition, or relocation to any existing shed or barn. Our business/service is the construction of brand new Shelter Sheds. Therefore we do not make a kit for the customer to assemble or offer the option for customers to pick up a completely constructed shed at our location. The type of shed we build is also referred to as a loafing shed, 3 sided shed, run in shed, portable horse barn, portable livestock shed, etc.  

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