Shelter Sheds Information & Ordering

The price of the sheds can be found on the Pricing page.

Our service area is roughly North of I-70, South of I-80, West of Wiggins, and East of the Mountains. (We don’t go into the Mountains)

Our Shelter Sheds are known by many names, i.e. loafing sheds, 3 sided sheds, run in sheds, portable horse barns, portable livestock sheds, etc. Shelter Sheds are engineered to withstand the unpredictable weather conditions along the Front Range. The sheds come in four sizes 12 x 12, 12 x 24, 12 x 36 & 12 x 48. We do all of the building on your location and DO NOT offer kits for the customer to assemble.  Shelter Sheds are designed and built to accommodate horses and other livestock or can be used for hay or equipment storage.  The height of the roof is 8 feet at the peak with a sloping roof down to 7 feet. The shed frames are made from welded square tubing with metal siding for the walls and roof. They come standard with 4 feet OSB kick walls. The portable sheds are strongly anchored to the ground with engineered stakes. There are many colors and options to customize your own sheds.

Four common addition are:

  • A two feet overhang off the front for extra protection & style
  • Dividing walls can be added to separate the shed for hay storage or to create individual stalls. As an example a 12 x 24 shed with one dividing walls can make two nice 12 x 12 stalls and is less expensive than buying two 12 x 12 sheds
  • Partial front wall which adds protection from all directions
  • The roof can be raised 1 foot to 9 feet at the peak

The sheds will initially be built on your property, however they are portable and can be relocated. The sheds can later be loaded on a trailer and hauled to another location.

Steps to ordering Shelter Sheds:

  • To get a quote, call us and we will direct you to an online form to fill out to get you a precise quote. (i.e. size, color, options, quantity, and address)
  • Fill it out online and submit it.
  • We will email back a quote and an estimated completion date. Since the sheds are built on site, the estimated completion date is based upon having good working weather.
  • Review the quote and when you are ready to proceed, be sure to call us to let us know, especially if several days have passed because scheduling changes.  This will allow us to pencil you in on the schedule. However the schedule changes daily sometimes and it is on a first come first serve basis. The deposit is the only way to assure your place on the schedule.
  • Send the signed quote and the deposit (which is half of the total) to the address on the quote. When received, you will be placed on the schedule.

A few days prior to coming to your location for construction, we will call to coordinate times. Usually two trips to your location are required.  The first trip is to set the frame up and the second to finish building the shed. On the first trip we will need someone there to show us where the shed will be located. On the second trip back we will need someone there to verify that the shed is positioned correctly before staking it down and to pay the final payment. Installation of the shed does not include ground leveling. However the sheds do not require the ground to be perfectly level. They sit on top of the ground and are staked down with engineered stakes